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Social Emotional Learning Activities - Social Skills Worksheets & Activities, Autism Worksheets in PDF & Language Arts for Middle School and High School

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Educator and Speech Language Pathologist Lisa Flowers introduces her board games, language worksheets, and social skills worksheets and activities for individuals with Autism and Social Pragmatic Communication Disorders

Lisa G. Flowers - Speech Therapist

Lisa G. Flowers

M.A., C.C.C. - S.L.P.

Lisa G. Flowers has been a licensed and certified speech language pathologist for over thirty years, currently working with high school students. Throughout her career, she has developed and constructed original educational and speech language therapy materials. She discovered a need for more engaging and effective materials for her students than what was and is currently available in stores, catalogs, or on websites. Her colleagues, including teachers, social workers, psychologists, and fellow speech language pathologists, use the worksheets, activities, handouts, and board games she developed, and report great success with their students, whether working on comprehension, grammar, writing skills, life skills, or social skills.

Lisa has conducted presentations on her educational and speech language therapy materials to other schools from grades three and up, and has consistently been met with enthusiastic reviews. You will find our resources for adolescents and adults, both neurotypical and on the autism spectrum user-friendly, comprehensive, effective, and engaging. We are excited by the prospect of these materials helping other professionals to successfully improve their students' literacy, language, and communication skills! We welcome all feedback on our resources. Hearing about your experiences and your students' needs would allow for the creation of new and improved materials.

Get Social Skills Worksheet, Handouts, Exercises, Activities, and Board Games for the Communication Needs of your Students

Social Skills Worksheets

These social skills worksheets and activities for individuals with Autism and Social Pragmatic Communication Disorders target a variety of social skills, including the development of empathy, perspective taking, kinesics, listener/reader presupposition, and conversational skills

How to Teach Empathy in the Classroom in PDF
Developing Empathy Activity with Worksheets and Handouts

This comprehensive social skills activity includes extensive discussion, an activity, homework, and therapeutic notes, all targeting the ability to regard others' feelings.

Conversations Skills Activities: Entering Conversations
Conversations Skills Activities: Entering Conversations

An outline of the steps necessary to enter a conversation already in progress, including body proximity, verbal strategies, and determination of acceptance.

The Social Skills Activities Packet
Social Skills Worksheets and Activities Packet

A collection of all twelve social skills activities and worksheets covering conversation skills, perspective taking, empathy development, kinesics, and listener/reader presupposition.

Social Skills Packet

Social Skills Board Games

Of all the board games I've created and use with my adolescent students, this is the one borrowed most often by my fellow speech language pathologists and my school's social workers and psychologists

Social Skills Game - Sticky Social Scenes - A Great Social Emotional Learning Activity
Sticky Social Scenes game

Recommended for teenagers and adults. This board game for 3-4 players consists of 30 awkward social situations, each with 3 variations, providing a total of 90 different scenarios for students to solve
and discuss.

A Fun Writing Skills Game Carnival Time
A Fun Writing Skills Game

Recommended for grades 4 through 12, Carnival Time works on many written language abilities including vocabulary expansion, descriptiveness, specificity, perspective taking, elaboration, and improved syntax use.

Grammar Worksheets

These worksheets help students improve their syntactical accuracy and complexity by targeting parts of speech, verb tense, agreement, parallelism, perspective consistency, and voice

Adjectives Worksheets in PDF
Adjectives and Adverbs Worksheets

Descriptiveness is essential to good writing. This four-page worksheet contains a wide variety of exercises teaching students to use adjectives and adverbs in their writing.

Parallelism Worksheet in PDF
Parallelism worksheet

Even good writers can have trouble keeping syntactical structures parallel. This worksheet teaches students how to attain parallelism within sentences that contain lists or contrasts.

Subject Verb Agreement Worksheets in PDF
Subject-Verb Agreement Worksheets

Three worksheets teach students how to attain subject-verb agreement, including for more challenging syntactical constructions: collective nouns and verbs that precede subjects.

Reading Comprehension Worksheets

These worksheets and homework assignments expand students' vocabulary through exploration of word roots, contextual cues, prefixes, and suffixes, and develop their comprehension by increasing their understanding of conceptual relationships while improving their ability to paraphrase

Reading Comprehension Activities for Middle School in PDF
Conceptual Relationships

Following a discussion on and examples of conceptual relationships, students complete a number of tasks on causality, contradiction, and specificity.

Idiom Worksheets - Obfuscations - in PDF
Word Obfuscations Activity

A student favorite! Students expand their vocabulary and practice using a thesaurus through solving and creating word obfuscations of common idioms.

Context Clues Worksheets in PDF
Using Context Clues Worksheets

Three worksheets give students practice at defining unknown lexicon by using clues from the semantic context, thereby increasing their willingness to make guesses at meanings.

Writing Worksheets

These worksheets, handouts, templates, and activities target a variety of writing skills, including linguistic flexibility, specificity, descriptiveness, clarity, and elaboration, and help students learn to write character descriptions, movie reviews, and formal letters

Simplification and Elaboration Worksheets
Adding Meaning: Simplify and Elaborate

A student favorite! After simplifying comically obfuscated sentences, students enhance meaning by adding adjectives, adverbs, and other details following a roll of dice.

Redundancy Exercises in PDF
Redundancy Worksheet

This worksheet requires students to identify redundant components within sentences, and then choose which to omit and which to keep in order to maintain maximum meaning.

Character Description Worksheet
Character Description Worksheets

This writing activity is user-friendly for both students and teachers/tutors/speech language pathologists. It not only teaches students to write a sophisticated and comprehensive character description essay, but also shows...

A Fun Writing Skills Game
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