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Autism teaching strategies worksheets

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So you said that you're a speech language pathologist

So, tell me about the teaching materials that you use for your students on the autism spectrum.

"Well, when people think of speech language pathologists they often think of speech, a stutter, a lisp. But actually a lot of what we deal with is language and communication, and when working with people on the autism spectrum specifically social communication. So a lot of the materials that I developed work on how to enter a conversation, how to choose a topic, how to keep a conversation going, how to read body language, how to know when the other person maybe is giving vibes that they're busy and it's not a good time to talk. And a lot of perspective taking. I emphasize perspective taking. So I help my students improve their ability to understand what the other person is thinking or feeling, and how to adjust their behavior accordingly."

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Autism Teaching Strategies Worksheet

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