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Consistency in Writing Grammar Worksheets in PDF

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Grammar / 8th Grade English Worksheets

Consistency in Writing Grammar Worksheets in PDF
Perspective Consistency Grammar Worksheets

Perspective Consistency Grammar Worksheets

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One of the most common grammar mistakes I see in my students' writing, especially in their persuasive essays, is perspective inconsistency. They will start off using the pronoun general “you”, such as in “roller coasters give you a feeling of fun”, and then switch to “one”, such as with “because one's body releases endorphins”, and may switch pronouns again to “we”, as with “and that is why we love roller coasters!” This two-page printable worksheet works directly on perspective and pronoun consistency by requiring students to choose a perspective, and then stick to it by modifying a given essay. After students make their modifications in writing and we have reviewed their word choices, I like to give them extra practice by having them read the essay aloud, changing nouns, pronouns, and verbs accordingly, after choosing a second perspective.

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