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Context clues worksheets

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Context Clues Worksheet PDF

Transcription of the interview with Lisa Flowers about her Context Clues worksheets, available in the PDF format.

I see you have a worksheet on context clues. Could you explain a little bit about what that is?

"Sure. So I work a lot on comprehension and building your vocabulary is a big boost to your comprehension. But, I teach my students if they do come across a word and they don't know what it means, a lot of the time the sentence that the word is in, or surrounding sentences, the context, will give some clues or could give clues as to what the word means. So for example let's take the word rural. I talk to my students about urban vs. suburban vs. rural. Let's say the sentence was: Samantha had to walk three miles from her house to get to the nearest neighbor's house in her rural town. That could be a clue that she lives in an area where it's like out in the country, out in the boondocks, not a lot of houses nearby, and that could help someone figure out what the word rural means."

These Context Clues Worksheets are a Great Addition to Your English Lesson Plan

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Context Clues Worksheets PDF

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