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Empathy Worksheets

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Do you have a worksheet on empathy building?

"Absolutely, I call it Developing Empathy. A lot of individuals on the autism spectrum have a hard time with perspective taking, a hard time with Theory of Mind meaning understanding that what goes on in other people's minds could be different from your own. And the worksheet that I designed for developing empathy has a lot of discussion before we get to the activity part of the worksheet where we talk about, I discuss with my students using the worksheet, why it's important to think about other people, what types of thoughts and feelings other people have, and then we do an activity at the end of the worksheet where we have a conversation and in the conversation each student is assigned another student to look out for, to really focus on and pay attention to, and after we have a short conversation each student has to answer questions about what they think the other person was thinking, the person they were assigned, was thinking and maybe what they were feeling. And then the last part is what they could have done to help out the other person in case anything negative came up in the conversation that might have made their assigned person feel uncomfortable in any way, or have any negative emotions. And we talk about things like spatial inclusion, so that like if three people are sitting having a conversation they should kind of be either seated or standing in a triangle, you don't want to block anyone, have somebody you know be looking at your back, you want to all be able to see each other's faces. Things like did everyone get a chance to talk during the conversation, did anyone say anything offensive or insulting during the conversation? It's really in the worksheet very broken down so that they know what to look for, and how to make things better."

These Empathy Worksheets are a Great Addition to a Social Skills Curriculum

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