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Grammar Worksheets for High School

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Grammar / high school worksheets

Grammar Worksheets: Packet

Grammar Worksheets: Packet

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Using sophisticated, accurate grammar serves two functions: it gives others a good impression of the speaker/writer, and helps to convey information clearly. Several of the materials included in the Grammar Packet focus on syntactical accuracy, including Subjects, Verbs, and Objects, SVOs and Prepositional Phrases, SVOs and Adverbial Phrases, Verb Tense, Noun-Pronoun Agreement, Subject-Verb Agreement, and Parallelism. Adjectives and Adverbs emphasize descriptiveness, Passive and Active Voice improves the strength of content’s message, while Perspective Consistency improves content’s clarity.

Grammar worksheets for High School

These worksheets help students improve their syntactical accuracy and complexity by targeting parts of speech, verb tense, agreement, parallelism, perspective consistency, and voice

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