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Social Skills - Post-Conversation Questionnaire

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Social Skills / Post-Conversation Questionnaire

Post-Conversation Questionnaire

Post-Conversation Questionnaire

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I'm always engaging my students in conversations, both natural and “naturalistic”. The most natural take place while we walk to my office, or in my office at the start of our sessions. But as every speech language pathologist knows, when given the goal of helping students improve their conversation skills, our conversations during our sessions must often be “naturalistic”, meaning semi-artificial. I might target topic shifting, or turn taking, or using a balance of questions and comments, or interpreting non-verbal communication. Following some conversations, I like to have my students fill out this questionnaire. It addresses being curious about your conversational partner, identifying impressions given, and analyzing non-verbal behaviors. For many students it can help to take a look at the questions before the conversation, so they can know what to look out for while conversing. I always task them with paying close attention to only one person during these conversations.

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