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The Prefixes and Suffixes Worksheet in PDF

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Reading Comprehension / Prefixes and suffixes worksheets

The Prefixes and Suffixes Worksheet in PDF
The Prefixes and Suffixes Worksheet in PDF

Vocabulary: Prefixes and Suffixes

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Learning the meaning of common prefixes and suffixes is another great way to expand one's receptive lexicon. This printable worksheet requires students to define words that contain both a prefix (in, un, non, or dis) and a suffix (able or ible), such as “undependable”. Keeping the prefixes' and suffixes' meanings consistent allows students to easily get the hang of determining new meanings when the prefixes and suffixes are added to known root words.

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These worksheets and homework assignments expand students' vocabulary through exploration of word roots, contextual cues, prefixes, and suffixes, and develop their comprehension by increasing their understanding of conceptual relationships while improving their ability to paraphrase

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