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Context Clues Worksheets

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Reading Comprehension / Context Clues worksheets PDF

Context Clues Worksheets in PDF
Vocabulary: Using Context Clues

Vocabulary: Using Context Clues

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These three printable vocabulary worksheet pages give your middle school and high school students confidence to figure out the meaning of unfamiliar lexicon by using contextual clues. Each new word is contained within two or three sentences in a row, and the successive sentences give more specific clues. During my speech therapy sessions, I have my students cover up the page, revealing only one sentence at a time, while I encourage them to take guesses. I have seen tremendous progress in building vocabulary skills as my students generalize their willingness and subsequent ability to figure out the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary words from contextual clues in novel situations, including the presentation of academic content within the classroom.

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These worksheets and homework assignments expand students' vocabulary through exploration of word roots, contextual cues, prefixes, and suffixes, and develop their comprehension by increasing their understanding of conceptual relationships while improving their ability to paraphrase

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