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Lisa Flower

Leisure Time Language Input Homework Assignment

So many parents and students believe the only way to expand vocabulary, reasoning skills, language comprehension, and general knowledge outside of the classroom is by reading novels or resource books. I always explain to my students and their parents that there are so many other sources of content that lead to language improvement, and ones that a child or teenager may actually enjoy reading or viewing! This printable homework handout requires students to read or view a choice of language content sources, and then to fill in a brief summary of that content. An included discussion explains the how and why, along with a description of excellent sources. By the way, it’s called “Leisure Time Language Input” rather than “Leisure Time Reading” because taking in language auditorally can improve a person’s language comprehension and expression just as well as taking it in through reading, and is in fact a more effective means of input for students with decoding deficits.
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