Social Skills IEP Goals and Objectives for Autism

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IEP Goals and Objectives PDF

Receptive, Expressive, and Pragmatic Language Goals for Adolescents

As many speech language pathologists have experienced, schools often provide a pre-determined choice of goals for their students, which clinicians can click on to update annual goals for their students’ individualized education plans. I’ve never been that happy with those pre-determined goals, and so I’ve written 34 in total to use in the areas of Receptive, Expressive, and Pragmatic Language. These goals correspond to many of the language worksheets and activities I’ve developed. The receptive and expressive language goals are applicable to language impaired or minimally learning disabled students following the standard middle school and high school curriculums. The pragmatic language goals are applicable to a wider range of ages and academic skill levels, from pre-teens to adults who struggle with social communication skills. All goals can easily be modified to better fit your students’ needs.
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