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Subject Verb Agreement Worksheets in PDF

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Grammar / Subject-verb agreement worksheets

Subject Verb Agreement Worksheets in PDF
Subject Verb Agreement Worksheets in PDF

Grammar: Subject-Verb Agreement

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All students, not just language impaired students, struggle to some degree with subject-verb agreement. But in order to attain accurate syntax, students must match subjects to their corresponding verbs in terms of singularity vs. plurality. Students, therefore, must first be able to identify subjects and their corresponding verbs: a skill worked on in the Subjects, Verbs, and Objects, Preposition Phrases, and Adverbial Phrases worksheets. They must also be able to classify subjects as singular or plural. The first Subject-Verb Agreement worksheet works directly on all these skills. The remaining Subject-Verb Agreement worksheets address two types of instances that increase the level of difficulty: collective nouns and verbs that precede their corresponding subjects. Answer keys are included.

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