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See the transcription below of the interview with Lisa Flowers' talking about finding the right worksheet from her collection of social emotional materials

So can you explain a little more about your worksheets?

"Sure, I have worksheets in four areas: writing skills, grammar, reading comprehension, and social skills. One thing that I think is different about my worksheets, compared to the usual worksheets you come across, is a lot of them have a discussion for the students so that before you get into the actual exercises there'll be a little bit of a discussion—I always like to explain to my students why we're working on what we're working on, so for example the worksheet on using passive vs. active voice explains why it's important to try to write more sentences in the active voice. My worksheet on adjectives and adverbs talks about why it's important to be more descriptive in your writing. And the other thing is a lot of my worksheets have therapeutic notes that go with them, to really give the educators that use the worksheets a lot of information on how they could best use those worksheets."

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