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Transition Words Worksheet

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Writing Skills / Transition Words Worksheet

Transition Words and Phrases Worksheet For High School

Transition Words and Phrases Worksheet For High School

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This writing skills worksheet targets the abilities to both comprehend and express the semantic relationship between ideas. Understanding how two ideas are related is integral to grasping the big picture. Transition Words and Phrases begins with a handout that reinforces students' understanding of the following conceptual relationships: time, comparison, contrast, emphasis, conclusion, addition of information, clarification, and causality, while providing sample words and phrases that express those relationships. The three-page worksheet that follows presents two tasks. First, students are given the relationship between pairs of ideas and must combine those ideas using transition words and phrases from the handout. Second, students must identify the relationship between more pairs of ideas before providing transition words and phrases to combine the ideas. Transition Words and Phrases increases students' awareness of conceptual relationships and provides them with straightforward practice expressing those relationships.

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